Winter has officially arrived in Northern California and we have had some very chilly mornings in Sonoma County over the past weeks.  Recently the temperature dipped below freezing and I knew I had to make some little mitts for my girls to wear in the mornings on our walk to school.

I created Wiggle Mitts and they seem to be the perfect solution for keeping hands cozy.  My daughters can still wiggle their fingers, zip their coats, buckle their backpacks and collect leaves on the way to school all while wearing their mitts, which makes for happy girls!


*NOTE:  Revised on 10/14/13

Malabrigo worsted or Stitch Nation “Full O’Sheep” 
32” circular knitting needle (for magic loop) or 4 DPNs, size 5 and size 7
Yarn needle

In stockinette stitch, 4.5-5 stitches per inch using size 7 needles   

One size fits most children ages 3+

Let’s begin!

Cast on 30 stitches using your smaller needles and join in the round.
Row 1:  Knit1 thru back loop, Purl1 across (K1tbl, P1).  By knitting into the back of the loop you create a twisted rib, which creates a more defined rib and is less likely to get stretched out. 
Repeat Row 1 until the ribbing measures 2.5-3 inches (approx. 14-16 rounds)

Switching to larger needles, work in Stockinette Stitch for 6 rounds.
Thumb Hole*:  Begin knitting flat (back and forth) in stockinette pattern for 6-8 rows or until the opening of the thumb measures about 1 inch.
*For a neat edge at the thumb opening slip the first stitch of each row (slip knit stitches knit-wise, purl stitches purl-wise).
Rejoin your circular knitting and continue to knit Stockinette for 5* more rounds.
*for smaller children (3-5 years old) you may want to decrease on round 4 by 2 stitches for best fit.
Round 4 (Decrease Option): On this final round of stockinette decrease by 2 stitches (K13 K2t, K13 K2t).  You should now have 28 stitches on your needles.

Switch back to your smaller needle to work the palm ribbing.
Row 1: (K1tbl, P1) across.
Repeat Row 1 until the ribbing measures 2.5-3 inches (for best fit measure your child's hand)
Bind off all stitches in pattern (K1P1 rib), cut a 10 inch tail and weave in the ends.

DPNs      double pointed needles
K             knit
P              purl
k2t           knit 2 together
tbl            thru back loop

These mitts are a quick and easy knit and I hope you find that they keep your little one’s hands toasty and warm.  I would love to see your finished projects so feel free to share on Ravelry HERE.

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Little Emi

Meet Emi!  
She stands approximately 11" tall from forehead to bottom of foot.  She will be my last doll of this size to be sold and shipped by Christmas.

Emi has ultrasoft ash blonde TLS hair, deep blue eyes, and golden peach skin.  She is stuffed with clean and carded ECOwool, a high quality wool made in the USA.

She comes with TWO outfits.  The first one comes with a sweet cotton mushroom print sundress, a cozy wool shrug made by Maizy Moo Knits, and a pair of pink felted wool mary janes.

The second outfit comes with a popsicle skirt made by Maizy Moo Knits, a soft and stretchy pink interlock cotton tube top made by Maddie Bean Designs, and ADORABLE pink fleece lined boots made by the very talented Reggie from Reggies Dolls.  Emi can actually stand up on her own when she is wearing these boots!

She will also go home with TWO wee pairs of undies and my new Puddlefoot tag.


I just love how Emi turned out.  She is the second doll that I have used TLS hair on and 
I've noticed that the TLS creates a much lighter weight doll than traditional wool yarn.
It costs quite a bit more than the skeins of yarn I use, but the whimsical look of TLS is so worth it!

Thanks for reading about Emi!

Auction will go live Wednesday, December 12th at 6PM PST and end Thursday night at 8PM PST.


Lil' Gnome Hat

Tis' the season for giving!  Enjoy this free knitting pattern from Maizy Moo Knits!
I'd love to see your completed projects so please feel free to post them on my Facebook page or to Ravelry.

The Lil' Gnome Hat on Gigi, a 15" Bamboletta doll

Lil’ Gnome Hat 

size:    made to fit 15” Bamboletta dolls (head circumference of approx.13 inches)
gauge: 4.5 stitches per inch in stockinette
yarn:   1-2 ounces of worsted weight yarn (I used Mountain Meadow worsted)  
           1 ounce of yarn in a contrasting color (for the tassel and crocheted edge)

one 12” circular needle in size US8 (or size to achieve gauge)
one set of DPNs or a 32” circular in same size as your gauge needle
a tapestry needle for weaving in ends and attaching the tassel
one size H crochet hook (for decorative crocheted edge)

abbreviations: K (knit), K2T (knit two together)

Let’s get started!

Cast on 55 stitches. 
Join in the round and knit the brim (garter stitch for six rows, ending on a purl row).
Knit in stockinette for an additional 9 rows.

Begin decrease rounds (switching to your DPNs or magic loop when necessary):
Round 1:             K9, K2T*
Round 2-3:          K
Round 4:             K8, K2T*
Round 5-6:          K
Round 7:             K7, K2T*
Round 8-9:          K
Round 10:           K6, K2T*
Round 11-12:      K
Round 13:           K5, K2T*
Round 14-15:      K
Round 16:           K4, K2T*
Round 17-18:      K
Round 19:           K3, K2T*
Round 20-21:      K
Round 22:           K2, K2T*
Round 23-24:      K
Round 25:           K1, K2T*
Round 26-27:      K
Round 28:           K2T*
* repeat around

After round 28 cut the yarn, leaving a 10-12” tail.  Using your tapestry needle, thread the tail yarn through the remaining stitches on the needle and pull tight.  Feed the needle through the center of the circle at the top of the hat and weave in the ends.

Adding a crocheted edge:  Using a size H crochet hook, single crochet around the edge of your Lil’ Gnome Hat. 
Here is a short video tutorial for tips on adding your crocheted edge: 

Adding the tassel:  Use this online tutorial for help making the perfect tassel for your Lil’ Gnome Hat: http://www.nezumiworld.com/crochet_057.htm.

I hope you enjoyed knitting this sweet Lil’ Gnome Hat for your doll. 
Happy Holidays from Maizy Moo Knits!


Little Brina

Thought I would write a little post about how little Brina came to be and why I am auctioning her tomorrow.

Quite a few months ago I had ordered some white TLS "seconds" (meaning more seams and a couple fibers that were matted together) from FUNwithTROLLDOLLS on Etsy.  I had never seen TLS in person and just wanted to get a feel for it before I actually worked with it.  After a lot of research on TLS wig making I came across the tutorial from LaliDolls on Etsy.  I had to adjust a couple things for my dolls, but all in all it was a great pattern and what I used on little Brina.

Because I used TLS "seconds" there are a few more bumps than I would like.  These are not visible and can only be felt if you press your fingertips firmly against her head, scalp massage style.  Aside from that, the wig is just as durable, just as cuddly, and looks super cute!

TLS is not cheap and is not the easiest to work with, but it really does make the cutest hair ever!

This is why I want people to bid on what they feel comfortable paying for 11" Brina.

Brina is all ready to go home and meet her new family for Christmas.  She put on her favorite red owl dress, made especially for her by lisaslittlelasses on Etsy.

She will also go home with brown and red felted wool mary janes and wee little undies.

Like all my dolls, she is made from imported cotton tricot and stuffed with clean and carded ECOWOOL, one of the highest quality wools out there.

A lot of time, a lot of bandaids, and a WHOLE lot of love went into making this sweet girl.  

She is and forever will be the first TLS haired Puddlefoot doll of this size.

Auction starts tomorrow, December 5th at 10AM PST in my Hyenacart shop.