Little Brina

Thought I would write a little post about how little Brina came to be and why I am auctioning her tomorrow.

Quite a few months ago I had ordered some white TLS "seconds" (meaning more seams and a couple fibers that were matted together) from FUNwithTROLLDOLLS on Etsy.  I had never seen TLS in person and just wanted to get a feel for it before I actually worked with it.  After a lot of research on TLS wig making I came across the tutorial from LaliDolls on Etsy.  I had to adjust a couple things for my dolls, but all in all it was a great pattern and what I used on little Brina.

Because I used TLS "seconds" there are a few more bumps than I would like.  These are not visible and can only be felt if you press your fingertips firmly against her head, scalp massage style.  Aside from that, the wig is just as durable, just as cuddly, and looks super cute!

TLS is not cheap and is not the easiest to work with, but it really does make the cutest hair ever!

This is why I want people to bid on what they feel comfortable paying for 11" Brina.

Brina is all ready to go home and meet her new family for Christmas.  She put on her favorite red owl dress, made especially for her by lisaslittlelasses on Etsy.

She will also go home with brown and red felted wool mary janes and wee little undies.

Like all my dolls, she is made from imported cotton tricot and stuffed with clean and carded ECOWOOL, one of the highest quality wools out there.

A lot of time, a lot of bandaids, and a WHOLE lot of love went into making this sweet girl.  

She is and forever will be the first TLS haired Puddlefoot doll of this size.

Auction starts tomorrow, December 5th at 10AM PST in my Hyenacart shop.

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