Maizy's Wiggle Mitts

The cool weather is upon us...  
This weekend I knit up a pair of Wiggle Mitts for Maizy and she is already putting them to good use.  
Living in California we rarely need to wear gloves or mittens and on the rare occasion the temps dip low my girls won't keep them on, as they like to have their fingers free.  I found Wiggle Mitts provide just enough warmth and coziness to keep the chill away yet they still allow my girls' the full use of their hands so they can carry on with climbing, playing with toys and whatever else it is little girls do. 
Link to my original Wiggle Mitts post and the pattern can be found HERE.

Happy Knitting!

PS The gorgeous hoodie in these photos is by Evy's Tree and is a staple of Maizy's fall wardrobe.  Check out the entire Fall 2013 Evy's Tree collection HERE.

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